Hosted Desktop

Put your data up in the cloud in a secure data center and free your agency to work from anywhere while protecting against loss of productivity if something were to happen to your physical office. Backups are done for you each night and multi-location agencies gain the benefit of sharing a single instance of non-browser based management system software.

PC Security 

There are many pieces needed to keep a computer as safe as possible on the internet. A web filter that blocks malicious websites is a good start to weed out potential threats before they start. Making sure that Microsoft updates are done regularly to patch important vulnerabilities is also critically important along with a high quality Anti-Virus with Malware. These are all included in this monitored package, if any issues arise with any of those products we will know about it.


Every agency needs Microsoft products such as Word, Excel and Outlook. With Microsoft 365 these products are always up-to-date and it includes email hosting from Microsoft. Bundle this with software that backs up documents on your computer, allows you to revert to previous versions of Word and Excel documents and allows you to send emails with secure attachments for a product set that will keep productivity high.

Offsite Backup

Have the peace of mind that someone is making sure that your backups are running every night for you. With our monitored backup solution redundancy is the name of the game. Every morning a report on the previous nights backup is sent to your email and to us. If issues arise we will know and can help you resolve the issue. Our solution has redundancy in the backup as well, one copy of your backup is left on your network while another is sent to a secure data center in the cloud.


With ever-evolving threats such as ransomware that can cripple an agency it is important to have the highest level of network security as possible but that can be incredibly expensive. With Omnishield, a virtual private network is established between your office and a data center. You then browse the internet through their cutting-edge defense system. This package also includes a cyber liability policy for your agency at no additional cost.

Website Services

In today’s digital world having a well-designed website is no longer a luxury it is a necessity. Let us help you put together a site that will help you retain clients and attract new business.  

"If you’re interested in a more streamline and profitable agency let us help you.“

We Care

Your agency depends on your IT system. We’re confident that we are the only network services, computer support, or IT consulting business that provides ​these benefits to your agency.

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