“How silly is it for an insurance agency specializing in risk management NOT to practice risk management for their PC’s?

Integra Insurance Services is an independent insurance agency which offers personal and commercial insurance policies for consumers, and attractive business opportunities for licensed agents and sales professionals throughout the country. In his 20 years with the agency, Shane has served in multiple roles including accounting, sales, and management, assuming the role as President and CEO in 2006. A man of many hats, Shane was also the first line IT guy – supporting the 23 PC’s in the company, and spending too much time resolving issues caused by viruses, malware, and uninstalled patches.

“The CSR’s were taking time away from their work to try and decide which patches to allow, and which updates to run. Ultimately, the updates would just be cancelled because staff wasn’t sure what to do – systems were left open to threats, and continuous attacks by viruses impeded productivity. We’d call the local IT guy at $100 per hour and he’d install the new virus protection that we purchased. Some times we would have to purchase new computers due to the damage …. everything would be okay for a few weeks, until the cycle started over again.”

“Ajasent’s Managed Security stopped the “break\ fix” cycle. We haven’t had to call the local IT guys ONE TIME in the ten months since we installed the products.”

“It was easy. I sent an email to my staff and directed them to login to the “blue fish” online chat at www.ajasent.com; Ajasent’s knowledgeable Support Technicians installed the products remotely in just a few minutes and they run silently in the background with no need for employee interaction. Not only do we no longer need to budget thousands of dollars per year for the local IT guy, I don’t have to spend my time on viruses and malware. Knowing that Ajasent is remotely monitoring my system 24/7, I can focus on running our agency.”

President and CEO
Integra Insurance Services
5 / 5 stars

“Ajasent is my DISASTER RECOVERY plan. My building could wash away in a hurricane and I could be back up and running in hours with no data loss.”

Reed Integra Insurance has been making insurance easy for customers since 1946. Located in the Mississippi Delta – serving both Louisiana and Mississippi – the agency offers home, auto, mobile home, business, life and health insurance.

“True story,” Beaux laughs as he recalls, “Within one month of partnering with Ajasent in 2011, our region had a serious hurricane threat. I remember realizing for the first time that I didn’t have to worry about my data. Before Ajasent, I was using multiple hard drives to backup the data. The cost savings of my time alone was worth the switch to Ajasent.”

“Ajasent’s private cloud hosting lets me work from virtually any location. I simply find internet and access my agency management system, Outlook for email, even all of my documents in Microsoft Office.”

“The Support Technicians are first class. If I have an issue, I login to online chat via the website at www.ajasent.com and they make sure my issue gets addressed quickly with little to no downtime. Recently, they helped me troubleshoot an internet connectivity issue which had nothing to do with Ajasent and really wasn’t within their scope, but they were happy to help. Unlimited support is just one of the many great things that come with the Ajasent Triangular Protection bundle.”

I really don’t even need a local IT guy any more with Ajasent as my Virtual Chief Insurance Technology Officer.

Reed Integra Insurance
5 / 5 stars